Safe and convenient storage containers

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Are you short of storage space for your home or office?

Then Abee Hire Ltd have the perfect solution. Our spacious, safe and modern storage containers can keep your furniture, files or possessions safe and sound whilst you complete your move, refurbishment or redecoration.

Our storage containers are perfect for a variety of situations

Moving or redecorating your office and need to store furniture?
Are you selling your house and looking for somewhere to store your possessions?
Do you need somewhere to keep paperwork or documents?
Have you got large, bulky items such as motorbikes or cars that you need to store on a long-term basis?
Call us today and we’ll help you in determining the most beneficial storage solution with our range of containers.

Safe and Secure

Our storage containers are as secure as possible, with full protection against thieves, water damage and the full force of the elements. Made from high quality, robust metal with easy to lock swing doors, you can rest assured that our containers are risk-free.  Contact us to find out more about the lengths we've gone to to keep your items safe.

Are you renovating?

Don't forget that if you're refurbishing your premises and using our containers to store your furniture and possessions in the meantime, we can also supply building materials to help you complete the building work itself.

Our storage containers are strong, robust and weather-proof, meaning that your possessions are in the safest of hands with Abee Hire Ltd in Hendon.

If you have a question about our storage containers, don't hesitate to call our team in Hendon on 020 8203 4134